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Welcome to Versed Automation System Co.,Ltd

We produce control panels, mainly for use in controlling machines,also has considerable experience in production based on the customer's own design specifications.


Our Custom Control PanelsOffers various industrial control panels,highly customized

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  • VSD panels

         VSD Drives Panels for versatile applications such as pumps, ventilation fans, conveying system, crane, MORE
  • PLC Panel

       PLC Panels are a common component of control upgrades and automation projects in a wide variety of industries. MORE
  • Operation Station

       Offers operator stations with a wide variety of configurable options to provide the right control for your application. MORE
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Our Story

  Was establish in 2012. based company.engaged in designing and building customised control panels .The company is owned by young and experienced individuals with proven track  record in the Industrial Automation projects.

  We are a prominent supplier of complete industrial automation solutions.These include the manufacture and install electrical switchboards and control panels,the development of software for control and monitoring systems, the development of PC software industrial IT applications. 

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- Custom control panels builder

- Designing electrical wiring diagram according with IEC standard

- Manufacturing Motor Control Center(MCC panels)

- Manufacturing PLC panels , IO distribution panels

- Plant installation supervision

-Automation CAD software & training

We use only the best quality materials, parts and components available and all of our products are designed and built to last.  Each comes with Operation & Maintenance manuals including drawings, diagrams and schematics. We take pride in everything we do and our products are fully covered by our 1 year manufacturer warranty.

Key Design Feature

  • Wiring diagram , schematic diagram design according with IEC standard
  • All wires are colour coded for easy circuit identification
  • Control circuits are thoroughly tested for proper operation before shipment
  • Guaranteed quality control
  • Computerised engraving system for quality labelling

All panels fabricated by VAS a detailed, documented Panel Checkout Procedure developed specifically for each panel. To assure that your panel matches its specifications perfectly, we have QA checklist and quality inspection for every panel that we manufacture. before delivery. All PLC output points and hardwired circuits are hot verified. All high voltage circuits are checked for continuity and ground faults. Panel Quality Assurance Checkouts include, but are not limited to:    

  • Panel power-up and fusing testing    
  • Wire continuity testing    
  • I/O simulation    
  • Operator Interface verification    
  • Terminal torque testing    
  • Nameplate and wire tagging verification    
  • Other testing as required for complete functionality 100% testing    
  • Device Simulation

Why VAS?

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  • Focus on the customer

    VAS is a dynamic business partner that works on the basis of mutual trust and 100% loyalty to each customer.

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  • Speedy delivery

    A flexible organisation with short chains of command ensures speedy delivery, even when it comes to complex solutions.

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  • Services & Support

    We know how crucial down time can be and we strive to have your operations resume as fast as possible. 

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  • Flexibility & Value added service

    We have no inherent product allegiances and can offer complete component flexibility to provide you a panel to match


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  • Complete Documentation

    CAD solution for documentation of automation, installation, pneumatics and hydraulics.

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  • Innovation

    Through innovative product systems and services we help you save valuable panel space, mitigate disruptions due to electrical/mechanical noise, and

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  • Quality

    We follows a Quality Management System of document control and quality inspection for every panel that we manufacture.

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